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Try Capoeira — The Martial Arts-Dance Fusion for All Ages!

For Springfield residents who prefer to have a ton of fun while exercising (so much that you may forget you’re exercising) Capoeira is the class for you!

This special discipline hails from Brazil, where dance, fitness, gymnastics, and music joined the traditional martial art of Jiu-Jitsu. The result is a fantastic fitness routine that’s all at once strengthening, engaging, and entertaining!

We’re currently offering spots in our Capoeira class, so be sure to sign up with Dunham’s Martial Arts today!

Get Fit in Springfield, the Capoeira Way   

When you sign up for an exercise class, you want to know that it isn’t just fluff — it’s fitness. At Dunham’s Martial Arts, we’re committed to helping you improve with every, single class. Our Capoeira classes specifically help you get fit and stay fit through total-body exercises that combine the best of everything:

  • Develop strength (naturally, and without relying on it).
  • Increase body control (technically, without the major learning curve).
  • Burn calories (the fun way, without sacrificing tone).

Stay Social — and Strategic — With Your Friends at Dunham’s Martial Arts

It’s easier to stay committed to your health when you’re in good company! Our Capoeira class draws Springfield locals who care about their bodies — and minds. Come for Capoeira and stay for the social and creative perks:

  • Movements that keep your mind sharp.
  • Self-defense skills that keep you safe and strategic in real life.
  • Positive peers (ages 4 to 80!) who like a challenge and will cheer you on.

The Secret of Capoeira — Join Us in Springfield to Find Out!

Unlike Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where practitioners often want to go to the ground to grapple, Capoeira focuses on keeping you from falling. It’s a physical goal, but it’s also a metaphor for life ("Fall down 9, get up 10."). We tap into the meaning behind the tradition because we know that it’ll serve you every time you step out of the gym. Don’t take our word for it — join us!

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