Success habits- how we approach the one is often how we approach the many.

Success habits- how we approach the one is often how we approach the many.

Success and Fulfillment in life are most often based on our habits. The habits we have in one aspect in life often reflects the habits we have in many others. In other words, when it comes to our psychology, how we do one thing, is often similar to how we do other things.

As Aristotle put it, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit".

Many people say that training in an excellent martial arts school resembles the practice of our habits in life. When reaching for growth and our goals in life, how do we confront the discipline to start, do we make excuses or get caught up in less important things, or do we take consistent action and re-evaluate our progress along the way? Students in the martial arts learn to build habits of discipline like a muscle. We use progress benchmarks to reward progressive effort and results until it becomes strong, not just when things are going well, but when we need our discipline muscles to overcome challenges.

When we are fearful, are we reluctant or timid, or do we step up with bravery and the confidence to give our best? Students in the martial arts find that being brave is not necessarily the opposite of being fearful. We may be afraid of the attack, but we stand strong and defend it with our best. Being brave is about moving forward towards your goals, regardless of the fears that might hold you back.

When things are going well, do we become complacent or overly boastful, or do we feel pride in our accomplishments and use them to propel us to new growth, goals, and towards helping others achieve success as well. Students in the martial arts, through our focus on constant and never-ending improvement and a support system of like minded peers and coaches, find improvement in their physical health and emotional calm and well-being. It is often a combined focus on self-improvement and on providing enough value to others that we become more valuable, successful, and fulfilled.

What habits do you have that bring you success and fulfillment? What habits hold you back?

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